Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Too Big For Her Britches

Being a native son of the state of Georgia I am quite proud of the state of my birth, and with good reason. The state is rich in history: The first state to establish a public university (The University of Georgia, 1789); the forth state to ratify the Constitution; site of the first gold rush (Dahlonega, 1830's-the US even had a mint there for almost fifty years); battles of both the Revolution and the War of Northern Aggression (relax...that's supposed to be funny) were fought on her soil; one of the few states in the country to host the Olympics-just to name a few. The state is also blessed with natural resources. It is one of the few states in the Union to have both warm beaches (I would call it hot) and cool, beautiful mountains. It is one of the few places on earth where you can find a large, exposed monolith the size of Stone Mountain. Then there are the intellectual treasures of Georgia: Margaret Mitchell, Ray Charles, Lewis Grizzard (Think he's not? Read some of his columns!), Martin Luther King, Jr., Juliette Gordon Low (love those cookies!), Carl Vinson, and many others that I don't have time to write about.

Then there are those times when you wish you could dig a hole under Stone Mountain and hide.

Such has been the case for about the past week. The clown-Cynthia McKinney (who calls herself "representing" Georgia's Fourth District)-struck a Capitol Hill Police Officer after she (1) walked around a metal detector, and (2) failed to wear any identification as a member of Congress. First of all, I think they all should have to walk through the metal detectors and ride DC's mass transit system too, while they are at it-but I digress. Not surprisingly to Georgians, McKinney did not waste much time in throwing down the "racial profiling" card. McKinney, to those of you who do not know about her, is kind of like the crazy member of the family. You know who I'm talking about. The one that nobody wants to own, but since they have the same last name there is not much you can do about it. You want to talk about racial profiling? What do you think would happen if I-a white, Protestant, Republican-walked around the metal detector and kept going after a police officer told me to stop? That's right. My mamma would be coming to see me in whatever dungeon under the Capitol building they have for idiots who do such stupid things.

I also loved the comment from Comrade Nancy Pelosi (Socialist Representative from the 8th District of the Soviet Socialist Republic of California): "I would not make a big deal of this." What a riot. Sure you wouldn't, darlin'. You would like to forget about the family idiot just like you would like to forget about Slick Willy's Intern Training Program, Teddy's little ride into Lake Chappaquiddick, and pretty much Jimmy Carter's entire time in office (he should have been building Habitat houses the whole time, and in case you were wondering, no-most of us don't claim him either...). But, much to Comrade Pelosi's dismay, McKinney will make much bigger a deal of this than any Republican will ever have to-and the reason? Her childish pride has been hurt, and she just may have to face the fact that for all her psychotic rants as a representative, she is just not all that important outside of DeKalb County.


ryang said...

i hear ya man. i was so upset that she even threw down the card, which i knew she would. i hope she will be charged with assault, i doubt it, but i hope.

she even tried to apologize for what she did. what a joke. if i had the choice, i wouldn't claim her.

Anonymous said...

Hey, a new post by Micah... and it only took me a month to find it! I'll add to the list of Georgia: Home of FDR's "warm springs," Indian mounds, THE LARGEST AQUARIUM IN THE WORLD, and the Rooster Prophet.